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Response to Y-net article “A license to kill” An open letter to members of the Goldstone mission who disagree with his re-evaluation
(re Goldstone’s oped in the Washington Post April 2011) B’tselem’s flawed casualty figures

Yediot Aharonot interview with Maurice Ostroff April 5, 2011 re Judge Goldstone’s Washington Post oped

An open response to Judge goldstone’s views expressed on
a panel at Stanford university on January 20, 2011

An open letter to Judge Goldstone re Cast Lead statistics

Allister Sparks, Rabbi Goldstein and Judge Goldstone

An open letter to Justice Albie Sachs re the Goldstone barmitzvah debacle

Judge Goldstone defended by his colleagues and a response

The Goldstone Mission encountered no allegations of organ stealing

An open letter to the authors of the Chatham House Report on the Goldstone Report

An open reponse to a letter by British Jews urging Gordon Brown to endorse the Goldstone Report

The stone the builders rejected and the Goldston Report By Prof. Richard Landes and Maurice Ostrof

An open response to Judge Goldstone’s interview with Bill Moyers on PBS

Letter from NY lawyer, Trevor Norwitz, analyzing the multiple flaws in the Goldstone Report.

Judgment on Goldstone by David Kaplan in the Jerusalem Post

The puzzling deferral of the UNHRC resolution – Jerusalem Post

Summary of the memorandum to the Human Rights council

Memorandum to the Human Rights council

An appeal to Judge Goldstone to review the report of the mission to Gaza

The Guardian and the Goldstone report

Part 1 of an open response to the Goldstone report

Part 2 of an open response to the Goldstone report

Judge Goldstones’ response to part 1

Australian lawyers’ submission to the Fact-finding Mission

Memorandum number three to the Goldstone Mission

Suplementary memorandum to the Goldstone Mission July 17, 2009

Judge Goldstone and Gilad Shalit

Memorandum to the UN mission re Gilad Shalit and incitement

Is the fact-finding mision impartial?

Correspondence with Judge Goldstone, head of the UN Fact-finding Mission into violations of human rights in the Gaza Operation

Further correspondence with Judge Goldstone

An open letter to AP reporters re the Goldstone mission on alleged human rights violations by Israel in Gaza

Text of the UN resolution establishing the mission

BBC interview with British military expert on Israel Army’s conduct in Gaza

The main obstacle to peace in Gaza

Earlier writings by Judge Goldstone