10 things you should know about Netanyahu’s speech to congress
It has been interesting to observe how many of the commentators on Netanyahu’s speech spend time speculating about his motives while avoiding the substance of the speech they criticize.

Memoranda to the members of the United Nations Independent Commission of Inquiry on the 2014 Gaza conflict
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Why is Gaza blockaded?

About the Lancet brouhaha and scientific integrity

How the media misled the UN secretary general and the world

Maurice’s e-mail tête à tête with Haaretz’ editor

The Temple Mount and disproportionate responses. As pundits who profess to understand the Arab-Israel conflict regularly accuse Israel of ‘Disproportionate response”, it would be interesting to know whether these opinion makers consider the current outbreak of attacks on Jews in Jerusalem to be a “proportionate” response to activists who wish to pray on the temple Mount. What is all this verbal and physical violence about? Read more